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Visit Corvallis, Oregon

Tour our beautiful boutique wineries or sample the work of our craft brewers. Go hiking, biking and shopping in Corvallis with Corvallis to Portland shuttle.

Relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the heart of the Willamette Valley: Corvallis, Oregon.



In 1845, Joseph C. Avery settled a land claim at the mouth of Marys River where it flows into the Willamette River. In 1849, Avery opened a store at the site, platted the land, and surveyed a town site on his land claim, naming the community Marysville. It is possible that the city was named after early settler Mary Lloyd, but now the name is thought to be derived from French fur trappers’ naming of Marys Peak after the Virgin Mary.

In 1853, the legislative assembly changed the city’s name to Corvallis, from the Latin phrase Corvallis, meaning “heart of the valley.” Corvallis was incorporated as a city on January 29, 1857. The town served briefly as the capital of the Oregon Territory in 1855 before Salem was eventually selected as the permanent seat of state government. +1 (503) 760 6565 Corvallis to Portland shuttle

Corvallis to Portland shuttle
Corvallis to Portland shuttle

Nineteenth-century Corvallis saw a three-year boom beginning in 1889, which began with the establishment of a privately-owned electrical plant by L.L. Hurd. A flurry of publicity and public and private investment followed, including construction of a grand county courthouse, planning and first construction of a new street railway, construction of a new flour mill along the river between Monroe and Jackson Avenues, and construction of the Hotel Corvallis, today known as the Julian Hotel that Corvallis to Portland shuttle  supported you to find it.

In addition a carriage factory was launched in the city and the town’s streets were improved, while the size of the city was twice enlarged through annexation. Bonds were issued for a city-owned water works, a sewer system, and for public ownership of the electric pant. A publicity campaign was launched to attempt to expand the tax base through new construction for new arrivals. This effort proved mostly unsuccessful, however, and in 1892 normalcy returned, with the city saddled with about $150,000 in bonded debt. +1 (503) 760 6565 Corvallis to Portland shuttle


The Seven Wonders of Corvallis

Have you ever thought about how wonder-filled our area really is? That accessible with Corvallis to Portland shuttle.

From the great outdoors – Mary’s Peak, Alsea Falls, and the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge – to beautiful and historic downtown Corvallis and our lovely Riverfront Commemorative Park, from our covered bridges to the Heart of Willamette Wineries, the Seven Wonders of Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon have a lot to offer.


Visit Corvallis, and see some of the best of Oregon’s covered bridges, within easy driving distance in Benton County. Stop in to a few of the finest Oregon wineries, located in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Hike our mountains, stroll our parks and shop our beautiful downtown! +1 (503) 760 6565 Corvallis to Portland shuttle


Our Seven Wonders are shoppable, edible, drinkable, hikable, walkable, bike-able, and best of all – enjoyable!